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Decorating with Mississauga/Oakville Interior Home Decorator

Are you looking to spruce up your house’s interior decorating in Mississauga? Home Decorator Jackie Connolly and her team are who you need to meet. Do you have decor ideas but need help pulling your thoughts together? Talk to one of the best interior decorators in Mississauga and Oakville . Interior decorating guru Jackie Connolly will help you realize those ideas and make your plans come to life. With Jackie, it’s all about you.

Jackie has years of experience decorating Mississauga and Oakville home spaces. She has also left her enchanting mark on homes and cottages all around the Toronto region. But she doesn’t do it alone. Working with you, the homeowner, Jackie will help bring your ideas to life. Share your personality and lifestyle choices with Jackie, and her flair for design and exceptional tastes will lead to a plan making the space embody your unique needs and tastes. Parsons interiors is a studio located in the trendy heart of down town Port Credit.

“Decorating is not about imitating a style, it is about expressing your own personal style.” – Jackie Connolly

Working in both residential and commercial design disciplines, Jackie’s diversity is evident in every project she undertakes. Her dedication to understanding the distinct wishes of every client and helping manifest those dreams is her mission.

Decorating with Mississauga, Oakville Interior Home Decorator Jackie Connolly happens in three main stages:

  • Initial Consultation: sharing your ideas with Jackie will help lay the groundwork for transforming your ideas into finished spaces. A working relationship is forged, and the scope and parameters of the project are determined.
  • Conceptual Development: Using the elements of the concept outlined in the Initial Consultation, Jackie will establish a conceptual board with furnished to scale floor plans, wall elevation, draws, colour palettes and suggestions for lighting, window treatments and custom built-ins for your approval.
  • Colour Consultation: Colour consultation is an integral piece in any design process. Choosing the best colours for your space with Jackie’s help is essential to bringing your dream space to life.

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We invite you to explore the site to learn more about the wonderful talent and personal approach to interior decorating that Mississauga, and Oakville area clients are singing the praises of. Come meet Jackie Connolly at her studio, Parsons Interior 283 Lakeshore Mississauga,ON

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